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                                                                                                              Small                     Medium                 Large

Deluxe Meat & Cheese                                                                             $32.99           $41.99           $49.99
Includes ham, turkey, roast beef, salami, swiss and american cheese. Garnished with Italian olive salad. 

Deluxe Cheese Tray                                                                                  $30.99           $50.99
Our cubed cheese tray includes sharp cheddars, monterey jack, pepper jack, colby  and colby jack with pepperoni.

Old Fashioned Tray                                                                                    $27.99          $32.99           $38.99
Old time favorites: bologna, ham, thuringer and olive loaf with swiss and american cheeses. 

Mini-Sandwich Tray (serves 10-15)                                                                    One size - $43.99
30 mini sandwiches: roast beef with provolone, ham & turkey with swiss, lettuce tomato. 

Shrimp Platters (includes cocktail sauce)                                                         Call for pricing
16 oz
32 oz

Our deli carry's top name brands such as Boar's Head, Krakus, Land O Lakes, and Russers.  Of course we have your local favorites like Sahlen's, Wardynski's,Shelly, and Yancy's Fancy cheeses. 

Our meat department carries only USDA Choice meats.  We deal with local companies such as Will Foods, J. Mills, and Sherwood to deliver our customers the freshest meat, chicken and poultry.